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Top 20 Listings for the niche

# Title Brand Price Ratings Rating Units Past Month A+ Bullet Points BSR Bullet Points Content Score Action
#1 Pooph Pet Odor Eliminator... Pooph 23.97 29732
90K+ bought in past month
5 Rank: 1 (Dog Deodorizers) 74 / 100 View
#2 Arm & Hammer for Pets Air... Arm & Hammer 5.97 4302
5K+ bought in past month
5 Rank: 6 (Dog Odor Removers) 77 / 100 View
#3 ANGRY ORANGE Pet Odor Eli... ANGRY ORANGE 17.96 177650
20K+ bought in past month 5 No ranking information available. 75 / 100 View
#4 Febreze Plug In Air Fresh... Febreze 14.50 71310
7K+ bought in past month
5 Rank: 1 (Electric Air Fresheners) 75 / 100 View
#13 Rocco & Roxie Supply Co.... Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. 19.16 110026
40K+ bought in past month
5 Rank: 1 (Cat Stain Removers) 77 / 100 View
#6 Angry Orange Pet Odor Eli... ANGRY ORANGE 25.97 177650
9K+ bought in past month 5 No ranking information available. 77 / 100 View
#7 Pooph Pet Odor Eliminator... Pooph 53.99 29732
1K+ bought in past month 5 Rank: 1 (Dog Deodorizers) 71 / 100 View
#8 Zero Odor Pro - Commercia... Zero Odor 21.59 4841
5K+ bought in past month 5 No ranking information available. 77 / 100 View
#9 Simple Solution Extreme P... Simple Solution 8.90 32216
10K+ bought in past month 4 No ranking information available. 76 / 100 View
#10 Febreze Air Freshener Spr... Febreze 11.31 2975
4K+ bought in past month
4 Rank: 30 (Air Freshener Sprays) 65 / 100 View
#11 Arm & Hammer For Pets Pet... Arm & Hammer 6.45 1735
1K+ bought in past month
5 Rank: 13 (Dog Deodorizers) 76 / 100 View
#12 OUT! PetCare Orange Oxy S... OUT! 6.39 6803
3K+ bought in past month
5 Rank: 5 (Cat Stain Removers) 76 / 100 View
#14 Citrus Magic Pet Odor Abs... Citrus Magic 11.98 5487
2K+ bought in past month
5 Rank: 12 (Dog Odor Removers) 79 / 100 View
#15 Febreze Laundry Detergent... Febreze 21.81 2471
2K+ bought in past month
6 Rank: 76 (Laundry Stain Removers) 77 / 100 View
#16 Thornell Odor Eliminator... Odorcide 24.95 1904
3K+ bought in past month 5 No ranking information available. 78 / 100 View
#17 Febreze Pet Odor Eliminat... Febreze 20.25 1540
1K+ bought in past month 5 Rank: 49 (Fabric Deodorizer) 77 / 100 View
#18 Nature's Miracle Advanced... Nature's Miracle 13.55 27192
9K+ bought in past month
7 Rank: 4 (Dog Odor & Stain Removers) 79 / 100 View
#19 Pet Fresh Carpet Odor Eli... Arm & Hammer 7.51 757
1K+ bought in past month Rank: 11 (Dog Odor Removers) 0 / 100 View
#20 Outdoor Odor Eliminator f... Simple Green 7.47 3581
2K+ bought in past month
5 Rank: 12 (Dog Deodorizers) 71 / 100 View

Niche Aggregated Review Analytics

These insights are based on 990 reviews of 19 products

Customer Pain Points
  • Difficulty with nozzles, sprayers, and bottles malfunctioning or leaking.
  • Products potentially overpowering in scent and causing inconvenience.
  • Effectiveness varies, particularly with strong or deep-set pet odors.
  • The need for using large amounts of product leading to higher costs.
  • Product packaging issues with leaking or damage during delivery.
  • Residual effects like scents fading quickly or leaving white residue.
Product Likes
  • Effectively eliminates pet odors, especially urine and marking incidents.
  • Products leave a pleasant, clean scent often without being too perfume-heavy.
  • Ease of use, such as simple bottle designs or easy placement in rooms.
  • Some products offer immediate improvement and lasting freshness.
  • Positive experiences with quick, efficient delivery, particularly via Amazon.
Common Issues
  • Packaging inefficiencies leading to leakage, spills, and application difficulty.
  • Ineffectiveness in certain cases, requiring multiple applications or not resolving certain odors.
  • Issues with longevity of scent or residue left on surfaces.
Price to Value
  • Opinions vary; some find products worth the price for their effectiveness, while others consider them pricey.
  • Products that require frequent reapplication or large quantities are often seen as less cost-effective.
Feature Specific Feedback
  • High praise for effectiveness on pet urine and preventing re-marking by pets.
  • Packaging designs are a significant concern, affecting user experience negatively.
  • Scent is a major factor – users like the lack of strong fragrances or prefer a variety of scent options.
Improvement Suggestions
  • Necessitate better quality of bottles and nozzles to prevent leaks and malfunction.
  • Formulations could be stronger or require smaller amounts to be effective.
  • Enhancements in the product’s residual effectiveness.
Customer Service Feedback
  • Overall satisfaction with prompt delivery, but some issues with damaged goods upon arrival.
  • Sparse details on direct customer service interactions.
Comparative Analysis
  • Products are often considered effective, with varying degrees compared to other market options, but pricing remains a common point of contention.
  • Enzymatic cleaners and products without strong scents are gaining preference.
Trend Identification
  • Growing appreciation for odor eliminators that do not rely on heavy scents.
  • Increasing frustration with packaging and application tools, calling for better designs.
  • Preference for safe, non-toxic, and eco-conscious products.
Customer Profiling
  • Pet owners dealing with indoor urination issues from pets, especially cats, and repeat soiling.
  • Customers looking for effective solutions for strong odors, either pet-related or others like vehicle or room odors.
  • Price-sensitive consumers and those with a preference for long-lasting solutions.

Sample Product Suggestion


The newly designed pet odor eliminator is an advanced, eco-friendly enzymatic solution specifically formulated to target and break down pet odors at the molecular level, ensuring the complete neutralization of smells rather than simply masking them. Its unique selling points include a proprietary leak-proof, ergonomically designed bottle with an adjustable nozzle, a natural hypoallergenic scent, and a highly concentrated formula offering long-lasting effectiveness. Moreover, the cleaner is safe for all surfaces, pet-friendly, and contains fully disclosed, non-toxic ingredients.

Pet owners, particularly those with cats and dogs who experience indoor accidents, as well as individuals caring for family members with incontinence, who are in need of an effective, reliable, and safe odor elimination solution.


The product is ready-to-use with no dilution required. The sprayer is designed to function at any angle, with a non-slip trigger to prevent accidents. It has a clear measurement label for precise refill.

Adjustable nozzle with stream and mist options, allowing for targeted application or broader coverage. A natural hypoallergenic scent derived from plant-based extracts that is effective yet not overpowering. The formula contains active enzymes that continue to work long after application, reducing the need for reapplication.

Available in a standard 24-ounce spray bottle for day-to-day use and a larger, economical refill size of 64 ounces, catering to the varying needs and usage rates of different households.

The product features a sleek and modern design with neutral colors to fit any household aesthetic. The bottle is ergonomic, with a comfortable grip to prevent hand fatigue. It has a locking mechanism for child and pet safety and is available in multiple color options for personal preference.

The bottle is made from durable, high-quality BPA-free plastic, with a design ensuring it's recyclable and environmentally friendly. The sprayer mechanism is constructed from long-lasting materials to prevent malfunctions.


Social Media Strategy: Marketing will utilize platforms like Instagram and Facebook to reach the target audience, with content featuring testimonial videos, user-generated content, and tips on maintaining a pet-friendly home.

Additional Channels: Other channels include pet blogs, influencer partnerships, and targeted email marketing campaigns to leverage word-of-mouth and build trust within the community.

Online Marketplaces: The product listing will highlight its unique features through high-quality images and informative product descriptions that address pain points identified in reviews. Emphasis will be placed on its eco-friendliness and user-friendly design.

Price Positioning: Priced competitively with a focus on delivering high value for money. The cost is justified by the product's superior effectiveness, sustainability, and durable design.


The packaging is designed to be frustration-free and easy to open. It uses recycled and recyclable materials, reinforcing the brand's commitment to sustainability. The label carries clear instructions and ingredient transparency.

The product includes a detachable silicone funnel for easy refilling and reducing spillage, and a microfiber cleaning cloth compatible with the cleaner for a complete cleaning solution.


Future plans include expanding the scent range to cater to various preferences, releasing a travel-sized version, and exploring subscription models for convenient delivery of refills.

The product is aligned with the trend towards natural, environmentally conscious products without compromising on performance. It will adapt to new innovations in enzyme technology and sustainable packaging.

The product will have planned updates every two years to incorporate customer feedback and technological advancements, with provisions for special editions or discontinuation based on market trends.