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74 / 100

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Top 20 Listings for the niche

# Title Brand Price Ratings Rating Units Past Month A+ Bullet Points BSR Bullet Points Content Score Action
#1 Simple Modern 40 oz Tumbl... Simple Modern 29.99 24839
10K+ bought in past month
5 Rank: 4 (Tumblers & Water Glasses) 76 / 100 View
#2 ALBOR 20 oz Tumbler - Ins... ALBOR 8.39 7772
400+ bought in past month
5 Rank: 16 (Insulated Tumblers) 71 / 100 View
#3 Fimibuke 40 oz Tumbler wi... Fimibuke 9.99 70
200+ bought in past month
5 Rank: 6 (Insulated Tumblers) 72 / 100 View
#4 STANLEY IceFlow Stainless... STANLEY 35.00 23137
4K+ bought in past month 5 No ranking information available. 79 / 100 View
#5 All Around Travel Tumbler... Hydro Flask 34.95 1986
3K+ bought in past month
10 Rank: 1 (Water Bottles) 70 / 100 View
#6 Stanley Quencher H2.0 Flo... STANLEY 45.00 42422
20K+ bought in past month
5 Rank: 1 (Home & Kitchen) 77 / 100 View
#7 Insulated 40oz Tumbler wi... O'JAY 16.99 495
4K+ bought in past month 6 Rank: 57 (Tumblers & Water Glasses) 77 / 100 View
#8 40oz Stainless Steel Vacu... TLINNA 9.99 992
500+ bought in past month
5 Rank: 85 (Tumblers & Water Glasses) 67 / 100 View
#9 Owala Stainless Steel Tri... Owala 37.99 723
4K+ bought in past month
5 Rank: 3 (Insulated Tumblers) 77 / 100 View
#10 BJPKPK 30 oz Tumbler With... BJPKPK 10.21 4686
1K+ bought in past month
5 Rank: 32 (Tumblers & Water Glasses) 74 / 100 View
#11 SUNWILL 20oz Tumbler with... SUNWILL 12.99 24287
900+ bought in past month
4 Rank: 27 (Tumblers & Water Glasses) 72 / 100 View
#12 ALBOR 40 oz Tumbler With... ALBOR 40.00 7470
200+ bought in past month
5 Rank: 22 (Insulated Tumblers) 73 / 100 View
#13 BJPKPK 30 oz Tumbler With... BJPKPK 18.99 776
100+ bought in past month
5 Rank: 38 (Tumblers & Water Glasses) 70 / 100 View
#14 BJPKPK Skinny Tumbler wit... BJPKPK 10.24 1473
1K+ bought in past month
5 Rank: 46 (Tumblers & Water Glasses) 74 / 100 View
#15 40oz Stainless Steel Vacu... Dapperlin 9.99 362
300+ bought in past month
5 Rank: 128 (Tumblers & Water Glasses) 67 / 100 View
#16 ALBOR 30 oz Tumbler With... ALBOR 8.49 2446
100+ bought in past month
4 Rank: 24 (Insulated Tumblers) 72 / 100 View
#17 40 oz Tumbler with Handle... Soufull 24.99 2123
2K+ bought in past month
5 Rank: 13 (Tumblers & Water Glasses) 77 / 100 View
#18 CIVAGO 20oz Tumbler with... CIVAGO 20.00 15225
200+ bought in past month
5 Rank: 93 (Tumblers & Water Glasses) 74 / 100 View
#19 DOMICARE 20oz Tumbler wit... DOMICARE 5.99 1490
100+ bought in past month
5 Rank: 371 (Tumblers & Water Glasses) 73 / 100 View
#20 Rambler 20 oz Stainless S... YETI 35.00 114554
3K+ bought in past month
5 Rank: 6 (Tumblers & Water Glasses) 79 / 100 View

Niche Aggregated Review Analytics

These insights are based on 1300 reviews of 20 products

Customer Pain Points
  • Leakage from lids, straws, and sealing mechanisms when tumbler is tilted or tipped over
  • Challenges with the durability and function of the lid, straw, slider, and magnetic latch components
  • Insulation performance not meeting some customer expectations for duration of temperature retention
  • Difficulty in cleaning tumblers, especially lids with complicated structures and straws
  • Occasional mismatch in product color or description and the delivered item
  • Concerns about weight and portability, especially when tumblers are filled
  • Some tumblers not fitting well in car cup holders or being too bulky for comfortable use
  • Issues with stability, rust development, and finish peeling on some tumbler exteriors
  • High price points leading to mixed feelings about value
  • Some customer service concerns, including challenges in obtaining replacements and communication difficulties
Product Likes
  • Effective insulation keeping beverages hot or cold for extended periods
  • Durable and sturdy build quality, with some products surviving drops and frequent use
  • Variety of colors, aesthetics, and designs highly appreciated for personal preference
  • Fit in car drink holders and convenient features like handles for easy carrying
  • Comes with additional accessories such as metal straws, cleaning brushes, and different lids
  • Several models are dishwasher safe, making cleaning easier
  • Leak-proof designs praised by many customers
  • Affordable pricing offers good value, especially compared to high-end brands
Common Issues
  • Recurring issues of leaks from tumblers, especially when not upright
  • Shortfalls in heat and cold retention compared to promises and customer expectations
  • Difficulty in cleaning some tumblers, particularly the lid's complex components
  • Warped, easily lost, or broken components, such as straws and sliders
  • Peeling finishes and rust development on outside of tumblers
  • Some tumblers are heavy and unwieldy when filled
  • Inconsistent quality control leading to receipt of damaged or defective products
Price to Value
  • General consensus that many tumblers offer good value for the price
  • Some customers find the quality of tumblers budget-friendly compared to premium brands
  • Mixed perceptions of cost worthiness, with some praising affordability and others questioning durability and functionality for the cost
Feature Specific Feedback
  • Positive comments on the ergonomic designs, such as handles and fit in holders
  • Insulation capability for hot and cold drinks generally praised, though not always meeting expectations
  • Appreciation for the accessory bundles offered with products
  • Feedback on lid designs is mixed, with some innovations liked and others leading to functional weaknesses
  • Various lid options offered are appreciated, catering to different drinking preferences
  • Size and capacity of tumblers meet the needs for different activities and preferences
Improvement Suggestions
  • Enhancements to lid and sealing designs for better leak prevention
  • Improvements in insulation to maintain temperatures longer, both hot and cold
  • Redesigns for easier cleaning, such as more straightforward lid disassembly
  • Consideration for more durable and resilient finishes and rust-resistant materials
  • Better size and weight options for improved portability and comfort
  • Improved customer service responsiveness and support for issues
Customer Service Feedback
  • Mixed experiences with customer service's handling of product issues and replacements
  • Delivery mishandling, packaging issues, and challenges with contacting support reported
  • Positive feedback on the quick refund process and responsive service from some sellers
Comparative Analysis
  • Many tumblers viewed as cost-effective alternatives to more expensive, brand-name options
  • Competitive features such as insulation and durability recognized but sometimes questioned
  • Tumblers often stand out for value for money, with some preferences towards specific functionalities over brand names
Trend Identification
  • Growing trends towards eco-friendly and reusable drink solutions
  • Increasing focus on durability, temperature retention, and portability in customer preferences
  • Rising reports of concerns with leaks, cleaning difficulties, and insulation performance
Customer Profiling
  • Budget-conscious consumers seeking quality drinkware without high price tags
  • Environmentally conscious customers preferring reusable options over single-use plastics
  • Customers valuing practical features such as portability, durability, and temperature regulation
  • Trend-conscious and aesthetically-driven customers, including those gifting or seeking personalized options

Sample Product Suggestion


A premium tumbler designed to cater to the active and environmentally conscious consumer with a strong emphasis on insulation performance, leak-proof technology, and portability. Uniquely constructed to address common pain points such as spillage, temperature retention, weight, and ease of cleaning. The tumbler boasts an eco-friendly design, versatility in use for hot and cold beverages, and innovative features like interchangeable lids.

Active individuals, commuters, environmentally conscious consumers, and budget-conscious buyers looking for a high-quality alternative to premium brand tumblers.


Designed for one-hand operability, the tumbler's lids feature a quick twist-off system for hassle-free refills and cleaning. It is dishwasher safe, and a weighted base ensures stability.

Vacuum insulation technology, interchangeable spill-proof lids, easy-to-clean surfaces, and a detachable ergonomic handle with anti-microbial protection. A push-to-seal mechanism ensures airtight coverage, and a hidden air-vent enhances consistent liquid flow.

Available in 20 oz, 30 oz, and 40 oz sizes, offering customers options for different hydration needs, making it suitable for short commutes or full-day outings.

Ergonomic design includes a sleek profile with a tapered base to fit car cup holders, a variety of aesthetically pleasing and durable color coatings, as well as a non-slip, comfortable grip. The tumbler comes with interchangeable leak-proof lids suitable for both straw and direct sipping, adapting to different beverage types.

Constructed from food-grade stainless steel with a durable, scratch-resistant coating that is both BPA-free and eco-friendly. Interior insulation leverages a double-wall vacuum to maximize temperature retention.


Social Media Strategy: Engaging campaigns across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter showcasing user experiences, influencer partnerships, and environmental initiatives. Utilizing user-generated content for authenticity.

Additional Channels: Collaboration with fitness and outdoor activity bloggers, YouTube reviewers for in-depth product demonstrations, and presence at eco-friendly and outdoor trade shows.

Online Marketplaces: Product listings will include high-quality images, a 360-degree view video, dynamic customer reviews, and comprehensive bullet points detailing unique features. SEO-driven content and optimized search keywords.

Price Positioning: Priced competitively to offer better value than high-end competitors without compromising on features or quality. Tiered pricing for different sizes with occasional bundle offers to incentivize purchases of multiple sizes.


Eco-friendly packaging made from recycled materials, designed with visual allure emphasizing product benefits and the brand's commitment to sustainability. Reusable and adaptable as a storage container.

Comes with a set of stainless steel straws of varied sizes, a straw cleaning brush, and a carrying pouch for the handle and straws, enhancing the product's eco-conscious value proposition.


Plans include the integration of smart technology for temperature control adjustment through a mobile app, a customizable color palette, and partnerships with designers for limited-edition artwork.

Future development will adapt to biodegradable materials and incorporate AI-powered usage tracking and reminders for hydration. Already designed to address the trend towards durable and multi-use tumblers.

The product will undergo annual reviews to adapt to the latest consumer feedback and technological advancements. Seasonal variations to be introduced, with recyclable parts making it part of a circular economy initiative.